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All products sold by Accesorios de aluminio y PVC enjoy the warranty period established by the manufacturer. And it is the manufacturer in charge of supporting their warranty. The warranty covers the parts to be replaced, except for those cases in which
Accesorios de aluminio y PVC or the manufacturer stipulate other terms.

The warranty will be invalidated under the following circumstances:
• Shock and / or transportation Inadequate
• Failure to follow the instructions for use and handling
• Defective installations and / or installation errors
Installation and / or connection of peripheral elements not compatible with the product Incorrect power supply
• Handling by non-professional
• Damage due to phenomena or natural disasters such as storms, floods, lightning, earthquakes, fires, etc ... whether or not they affect the electricity supply.

1. Accesorios de aluminio y PVC does not undertake any repairs.
2. To carry out repairs Accesorios de aluminio y PVC
or the manufacturer may replace parts or the entire unit as it deems appropriate
3. If the warranty is covered by the manufacturer, the customer must contact the same at the telephone number of its technical service, sending the product to the address that The classification of the fault is covered by the manufacturer's warranty
4. For this, the customer must request by fax or email a repair authorization number (incident code) indicating, in as much detail as possible, the problem that the product presents
5. All interventions during the warranty period will be carried out at the facilities that
Accesorios de aluminio y PVC,
or the manufacturer deems appropriate.
6. Once the customer has received the number of the incident key, he must correctly pack the products and send them to the address specified by
Accesorios de aluminio y PVC.
The costs of this shipment will be borne by the customer.
7. Accesorios de aluminio y PVC or the manufacturer will return the product, once repaired: postage paid if it is under warranty or due if the manufacturer deems it appropriate, postage due if it is out of warranty or if You have to send it to another country other than Spain; or cash on delivery (for verification costs) if, even under warranty, there was no fault
8. Products that are tampered with, hit or damaged by improper use are explicitly out of the warranty.



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